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Resource Guide - Resilience: A Conversation with Knute Berger

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Thank you for your interest in this Saturday Speaker Series presentation! We hope you enjoyed this informative discussion with Knute Berger and will consider joining us for future events.

The video segment on Tugboat Annie included in this video has some minor playback issues. However, it's also viewable at

For more information of the topics discussed in this program, explore the links below!

Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-20 in Seattle and the Northwest:

“Bouncing Back from Adversity,” airing on KCTS9 and soon to air on KXLY in Spokane: Mossback’s

Northwest, including the entire new Season 4 featuring Tugboat Annie, Yakima Canutt, the outlaw Harry Tracy, Japanese shipwrecks, and more:

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