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Our Newsletter

Updates, stories, and connections with the Society and region.

The Redmond Recorder News was once the name of Redmond's local newspaper. It was later replaced by the Sammamish Valley News, which is now out of print. The Redmond Historical Society has since adopted The Redmond Recorder as the name for our newsletter. 

Our newsletter archives go back to the first newsletter published in May of 1999, and is updated to contain the latest issue!

Currently our print and pdf newsletter is published 4 times a year in June (Summer), September, (Fall), January (Winter), and Spring (April).  

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Highlights of this month’s edition of The Redmond Recorder

  • From the Vice President’s Desk: Victor’s Coffee “Grand Reopening" by Laura Lee Bennett

  • Volunteer Corner by Jo Ann Potter

  • Dudley Carter on Paper: A Glimpse into a Genius by Krishna Nandanoor

  • Event Calendar: Love History? Enjoy These Society Events!

  • The Four R's – River, Redmond, Research, And Rockets – Part III – Redmond, A Research Hub by John Oftebro

  • The Post Office that Never Was by Tom Hitzroth

  • Out of the Archives: King County Stockade by Dean Jowers

  • School Bell: Trip to Port Townsend Foundry

  • Membership Moments by Paige Norman

  •  The Legacy of Luke McRedmond – Chapter 2 by Paige Norman with Tom Hitzroth

Explore the Newsletter Archives

Since 1999, the Redmond Historical Society has been publishing updates, informational articles and details on our events in our newsletter.  Explore past issues to read about past Speaker series events, celebrations, and more.

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