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Curious about the people, places and traditions of Redmond? If so, read The Redmond Recorder News, our newsletter that has been published ten times a year since 1999!


The Redmond Recorder News was once the name of Redmond's local newspaper. It was replaced by the Sammamish Valley News, which later folded. We've since adopted The Redmond Recorder as the name for our newsletter, published 9 times a year since 1999. We have archived copies going back to the first newsletter published, May 1999.

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Highlights of this month’s edition of The Redmond Recorder

  • Mayor, OneRedmond Kick Off Society’s Grand Opening! By John Oftebro

  • Society Marches to ‘Green Redmond’ Theme at Derby Days By Deb Akerstrom

  • Huge Historic Thank Yous – Redmond Derby Days

  • School Fires of 1895 and 1896 By Tom Hitzroth

  • Society Announces 2022 Walking Tours

  • 50 Years Late By Dean Jowers

  • 234 Hours Volunteered!

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Since 1999, the Redmond Historical Society has been publishing updates, informational articles and details on our events in our newsletter.  Explore past issues to read about past Speaker series events, celebrations, and more.