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Our Business Members are recognized in the community as valuable partners of the Redmond Historical Society.

Business Members are highlighted in our newsletters, at events, and on our website.  We value your partnership and appreciate your willingness to support our mission. We are happy to include a 250 word description of your business, as well as your logo.

The fee for a Business Membership is $250, annually. 

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Our Business Members


The owners began their Ben Franklin Variety store on May 29, 1975 with 5 employees. This was the same week that Bill Gates started Microsoft in Redmond. In late 1979, after a year of tremendous growth in sales with no improvements in profits, the decision was made to enter what was then the still fledgling craft business.

The business became an entertainment, activity-driven business dedicated to outstanding customer service and innovation. They currently carry a full line of crafting products including art supplies, paper crafts, fabric & yarn, craft supplies, bead & jewelry supplies, picture framing, floral, and home decor. 


Cedar Lawns Memorial Park and Funeral Home is a member of the national network of Dignity Memorial® funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers. The only cemetery in Redmond, we are proud to serve the needs of our community.


OneRedmond is a highly visible public private partnership recognized for its leadership in the development of strategies, programs, and community events that assure economic and social vitality are intentionally happening sustainably in Redmond.

The OneRedmond initative brings the City of Redmond, the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce, the Redmond Economic Development Alliance, and Realize Redmond in closer collaboration.


Thomas W. is the amazing man behind the scenes and on the front line of Palmers East. He has owned Palmers for the past 15 years and any regular of Palmers will tell you that he is one of the most friendly and hands-on business owners around. He is greatly loved by his customers, employees, and fellow business owners in and around the Redmond area. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting him, go on down today, it is likely that he will be there!


Cory de Jong II and his ten-year-old son started Cory de Jong & Son, Inc in 1950 with one delivery truck that delivered sawdust and shavings to local farms.


Sixty-Eight years later Cory de Jong III, his daughter Shannon (The Girl) de Jong and great grandson Cornelius de Jong IV continue Cory Sr's legacy that we all know today as de Jong Sawdust & Shavings and de Jong's Avondale Bark & Topsoil.


Now with multiple locations (Redmond and Lake Stevens)they are still supplying local farms with animal bedding and quality landscape products for satisfied customers all over the Puget Sound area

H&N International, today a leading global genetics and service company successfully serving the world’s egg layer markets with best-of-breed parent stock, was founded by Arthur and Mary Heisdorf in 1945. Genetics is about ingenuity and data, tons of data over decades. Heisdorf was a pioneer, not only in his groundbreaking invention of reciprocal breeding, but also in deploying modern information technology. And decades before Bill Gates started Microsoft in Redmond in 1975 on the area of a former H&N hatchery, it was Arthur Heisdorf using modern computing power, albeit from IBM, in his genetic work! And with Heisdorf’s egg layer birds starting to take markets outside the USA by storm also modern computing technology entered the farms, laboratories and offices. Today, H&N International continues to be a leading brand also in farming software: H&Ns digital farming assistance KAI puts control over layer farming and egg production into the hands of the farmers.


Victor's Celtic Coffee has been a Redmond tradition since 1989.


From humble beginnings in a charming historic building, Victors Celtic Coffee has woven itself into the fabric of Redmond. For over 30 years now, they have been the haven for coffee lovers, fostering a sense of community around every cup. They are a living legacy, a gathering place for friends, families, and dreamers, fueled by the aroma of freshly roasted beans and the warmth of genuine connection.


Xplore is a commercial space company offering Space as a Service™.

Their mission is to expand robotic exploration via commercial missions at and beyond Earth, to the Moon, Mars, Venus, Lagrange points and near-Earth Asteroids.


Xplore's first-of-its-kind low Earth orbit satellite constellation is designed to deliver a new class of innovative services: exquisite remote sensing data products, edge computing on multiple payload computers, and payload hosting. Their Major Tom satellite operations as a service software runs our constellation and can be used to run your constellation.

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