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Redmond Writing Archive

Are you curious about Redmond's literary history? The list below collects published works with a significant connection to Redmond.

We're looking for any book or other publication from or about or connected to Redmond at any time in history to produce a list that's as comprehensive as possible—and ongoing.
Included works must meet one or more of the following conditions
  • Written about Redmond, an individual from Redmond, an organization primarily located in Redmond, or other closely related topic
  • Written by someone while living or working in Redmond
  • Written by other notable community members with a significant tie to Redmond
  • Inspired by Redmond, its history, landscape or other features
For example, works written by a Redmond Poet Laureate, during their tenure, would be eligible for inclusion. Their works outside of this time period may not be, if they do not live or work in the area, unless inspired or otherwise informed by their time in Redmond.
Please note, all included publications are currently held by the Redmond Historical Society. To learn more about how to access works within our collections, please contact the Society's offices at 425-885-2919 or
Additional titles may be submitted below.
Available at RHS
Connection to Redmond
Dudley Carter: Tales of the Legendary Wood Sculptor
'Lyn Lambert and H. Mary Sikkema
Examines the life and work of Dudley Carter, who lived in Redmond.
NW Wood Words
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