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About the Redmond Historical Society

The Redmond Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to  providing, preserving and discovering historical information of Redmond, Washington. The Redmond Historical Society was founded in 1999.  A small group of citizens - seeing a tremendous growth in Redmond - realized no one was documenting and preserving the history and  heritage of Redmond. The historical society was created to collect, maintain, and safeguard articles and records of historical information in the greater Redmond area.

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Through staff, volunteers, and programs, Redmond Historical Society serves the community by providing primary sources such as historical documents, pictures, artifacts, and oral histories that all show the development, growth, and narrative about the Redmond we know today. With over 30,000 records of photographs and scanned data, the Redmond Historical Society has grown into one of the largest civic organizations in the city.

Our Mission

Redmond Historical Society serves the community through stewardship: collecting, preserving and sharing Redmond’s unique heritage.

Our Vision

Redmond Historical Society is recognized as a dynamic, beneficial, and responsive community resource for everything historical in the community. Through our staff, volunteers and programs we serve the diverse community – families and schools, business and civic organizations, and government – attracting experienced leaders, supportive donors, and enthusiastic members.
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Contact the Redmond Historical Society

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The Redmond Historical Society is located at:

16600 NE 80TH ST, STE 122,

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 to 4:30 by appointment


General Inquiries:

Administration and Collections Manager Halee Turner:

Society President John Oftebro:

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