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Redmond History: 1991-2000

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

  • 1991 Redmond has sixteen parks and offers 900+ recreational classes (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • Redmond is 14 square miles with the second highest median household income among the State’s 20 largest cities. It is a predominantly white community (32,604) with a small Black population (472) and a growing Asian community (2,250). There are 14,972 dwelling units in the city with 54% owner occupied and 40.15% renter occupied (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 1992 The last issue of Redmond’s hometown newspaper, the “Sammamish Valley News”, is printed. (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • Woodcarver Dudley Carter, who never retired, dies at the age of 100. Within the year, Carter’s grandson, Michael Vaughan of British Columbia, completes the final construction of Haida House at Slough House Park with the help of Carter apprentices (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 11/ Rosemarie Ives is elected mayor

  • 1993 5/4 Ground is broken for Bella Bottega shopping Center east of City Hall (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 7/12 Pete Juvet of Redmond scores a hole-in-one at Bellevue Municipal Golf Club. The 141-yard ace is carded on hole six (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 1994 King County gives Redmond ownership of a new park named Idylwood Beach Park which combines Gateway Grove and Idylwood Beach parks on West Lake Sammamish. (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 1996 The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad stops using the section of line along East Lake Sammamish, and King County explores the acquisition of property for the East Lake Sammamish Trail (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 2/ The King County Library System institutes bar codes to check out books—due date will no longer be stamped by hand (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • A hacker shuts down King County Library System’s computer system for 17 days. The hacker is caught and convicted (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 9/ Redmond voters approve a bond issue to build a new library (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • 1997 Overlake Christian Church, the largest church in the state, moves to Redmond amid logistical concerns regarding traffic in its new location on Willows Road (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • The SCI Corporation buys Old Redmond Cemetery and Cedar Lawn Cemetery across the street (Hardy Timeline II 11)

  • Redmond Town Center, located on the former Golf Course site, opens with 64 shops (RReporter)

  • The City collects business tax for the first time. By Ordinance 1041, the City Council approves a committee to advise them on how business tax revenue can be spent. The committee consists of seven Redmond business members required to pay the tax, two private residents who don’t officially represent any Redmond business, and one non- voting Council member. It is the Business Tax-Transportation Improvement Committee (BTTI) (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 6/ Last classes held in Old Redmond Schoolhouse (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 11/5 Watershed Preserve grand opening is held on a beautiful Saturday morning with over 275 in attendance (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 1998 In a booming economy the city of Redmond has a 16% shortfall of office space (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • The Edge Skate Plaza, Redmond’s newest park, opens at the corner of NE 83rd Street and 161st Ave NE near the downtown Park ‘n Ride (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 9/ There are 23 preservation and heritage organizations on the Eastside, but the City of Redmond has none. (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 10/ Bartell’s, the largest and oldest continuously held privately owned drugstore chain in the US, opens its first Redmond store at Bella Bottega Center (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 12/1 The old Redmond Elementary School is officially renamed “Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center” (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 1999 5/22 Redmond Historical Society holds its first meeting at the Redmond Library with 22 in attendance. Founders are Miguel Llanos, Margaret Evers Wiese, and Naomi Hardy (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 11/ The new Redmond Library opens its doors in its seventh location on the southeast corner of the City Campus at 15990 NE 85th Street (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • Tully’s Coffee opens its new Eastside flagship store at 8860 - 161st Avenue NE in the Bella Bottega retail center (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 2000 Population is 45,256

  • 4/28 The Elks Kirkland-Redmond-Bellevue Lodge #1843 sell their meeting building at 7425 170th Avenue NE to Center Development LLC, who will turn it into a retail center. The Elks Lodge bought the property 15 years ago (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 6/15 Redmond Rotary club donates a $12,000 picnic area to the city in a public ceremony. The picnic area is west of the Sammamish River just south of the Redmond Way overpass, and plans are to incorporate it into the city Riverwalk project (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 7/ Larry’s market opens east of Redmond Town Center (Hardy Timeline II 12)

  • 9/ City Council adopts Ordinance 2080, a set of Comprehensive Plan policies calling for preservation of Redmond’s heritage through protective regulation, incentives to encourage preservation, regular surveys at 10-year intervals, cooperation with other governments and organizations, and education to increase awareness of historic preservation. The council designated 16 sites as being historically significant to Redmond’s history. (Hardy Timeline II 13)

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