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Redmond History: 1981-1990

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

  • 1981 6/6 Redmond Golf Links closes  (Hardy Timeline II 9)

  • 8/ Redmond resident, Lecia Renaud, is crowned Derby Days queen, and becomes Miss King County East later the same year  (Hardy Timeline II 9)

  • Helly Hansen, Swedish outdoor gear manufacturer, opens US headquarters in Redmond

  • 1982 The large log cabin in Anderson Park is named “Adair House” to honor land donor Janet Ada (Jennie) Adair Sikes   (Hardy Timeline II 9)

  • A new post office building is completed and opens on NE 85th Street  (Hardy Timeline II 9)

  • 12/28  Open house is held at City Hall to celebrate Redmond’s 70th birthday since incorporation in 1912  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 1983 1/ Marilyn Langlow retires after 10 years as manager of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 1984 City Well #5 is drilled in a cement bunker behind today’s Target store  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • Redmond High School is named 1 of 202 outstanding high schools by the US Department of Education  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 10/17 Industries located in Redmond include Precor, manufacturer of exercise equipment, Lamson Products, custom machine shop, Ryan Instruments, manufacturer of time-temperature recorders, and Kistler-Morse, manufacturer of strain gauge transducers(SVN)

  • 1985 Microsoft Corporation moves its headquarters to Redmond from Bellevue (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • An enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Phone system is implemented in the Redmond area (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 3/3 Theno Brothers sell their dairy on the Redmond-Woodinville Road, but the dairy store remains open under new ownership  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 1986 A building contractor hits a sewer main that contaminates City Well #5.  The well has to be taken offline and water pumped for six months into an open field until contaminants are flushed from the system  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • Carver Dudley Carter becomes King County’s first artist-in-residence as he moves into a house on property that will become Slough House Park  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • Cleveland Street and Redmond Way become one-way streets  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • The slough of the Sammamish River is cleaned  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 1987 6/ The first issue of Redmond’s magazine, “Focus on Redmond” is published (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • The Redmond Basketball team wins the state championship and repeats the next year  (Way 177)

  • 1988 UPS locates on Union Hill Road east of Avondale Road  (Way 167)

  • 1989 5/13 Begun in the previous year, repaving of the historic Red Brick Road is completed, and a dedication of the restoration held  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 10/ The Senior Activity Center is completed on the City Campus  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 1990 US Census records 35,899 people in Redmond

  • Goodwill Games bicycle races are held at Marymoor Park  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • Seven bus routes travel between Redmond and Seattle  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • Average Redmond home sells for $168,600 while the median for King county is $140,000 (Hardy Timeline II 10)

  • 4/30     The new Senior Center opens on the City Campus.  The official grand opening is held in May  (Hardy Timeline II 10)

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