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Redmond History: 1951-1960

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

  • 1951 In the first annexation since the 1912 incorporation, Education Hill nearly triples Redmond's land area with the addition of 332 acres (Way 145)

  • 2/ Silver Sands Rebekah Lodge of Redmond celebrates its 25th anniversary (Hardy Timeline II 1)

  • Redmond Shopping Square is built by Hilliker in downtown Redmond on land that was a frog pond and a favorite place to skate in the winter (Hardy Timeline II 1)

  • 1952 Mayor Lewis Green resigns to look after his auto business, and Councilman HE "Andy" Shelton is appointed to complete his term

  • City Well #1 is drilled in Anderson Park (Hardy Timeline II 1)

  • Lake Sammamish fishermen complain a seal is eating all of the fish, but state fisheries agents are unable to catch it, and the seal continues to live in the lake for the next 22 years (Hardy Timeline II 1)

  • Eastside Mayors compete in a bicycle race during the Bike Derby. The winner is dunked (Way 130)

  • Town Marshal is Russell Thorp (Way 122)

  • 1953 HE "Andy" Shelton is elected Mayor

  • 1/ The Library moves into the Clubroom of the Nokomis Building, and has a supply 6,000 books available to check out. Hours of operation are also extended (Nokomis Archives)

  • 1954 Mayor Shelton resigns, and Gerhardt "Gary" Graep is appointed to complete the term

  • Don Connelly starts Cedar Lawns Memorial Park Cemetery on property he owns south of his farm. He acts as both caretaker and gravedigger at the cemetery located at 7200 - 180th Avenue NE (Hardy Timeline II 1)

  • Ten residents meet to organize Little League (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • 9/ Rose Hill Elementary School opens

  • The first planning and zoning ordinance passes (Way 155)

  • 1955 Redmond's population increases to 792 (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • V & B Grocery Store opens in Redmond' first modern shopping center in the neighbor- hood shopping center now (2011) occupied by Value Village (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • 1956 Bob Olney becomes Postmaster following the death of Leo Reed (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • 8/ Street lights are installed in the downtown business district as advocated by the Chamber of Commerce (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • Earl Diller is the City Manager of the newly incorporated Town of East Redmond (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • Lake Sammamish Water Ski Club is founded (Way 111)

  • 1957 Nike Missile facility is built in Redmond by the US Army. The control center is located behind Hartman Park, the launch site is on a hill east of Avondale near 95th, and the maintenance shop near Marymoor Park (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • 1/12 Kiwanis Club is founded and receives charter (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • 9/ Emil Stokes organizes a hunting party to track a black bear that has eaten dozens of piglets on his South Siler Road farm. The bear is tracked for nearly five miles in and out of the swamp east of the Old Brick Road. When the bear is finally sighted and killed, it is estimated to be about ten years old, weigh 600 pounds, has no upper teeth, and is missing one toe (Hardy Timeline II 2)

  • 1958  2/26 Street names are replaced with numbers when the Redmond Town Council votes to conform with the King County street numbering system (Hardy Timeline II 3)

  • 11/ First canine officer, Dyck, works for the Redmond Police Department (Hardy Timeline II 3)

  • Marymoor is sold to Rex Allison, Chairman of the Board of the Bon Marché, and Lawrence Leen, President of the Bon Marché. Despite the fact the farm had been an operating dairy for 53 years, Allison and Leen plan to develop retail and housing on the property (Hardy 60)

  • 1959 1 Dentist Neil Boyd relocates to Redmond from Duvall (Hardy Timeline II 3)

  • 5/5 The Redmond Department Store provides fashions for a show held by the Redmond Orthopedic Guild at the Mond Theater (Hardy Timeline II 3)

  • 8/15 The US Postal Service leases property and new building from VO McVicker for the new Post Office it dedicates on NE 80th Street (Hardy Timeline II 3) 12/14

  • Redmond Junior High Principal Vernon wins the Distinguished Service Award presented by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. (Hardy Timeline II 3)

  • 1960 US Census records Redmond population as 1,426

  • A recession in fur industry closes most Redmond mink ranches (Way 120)

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