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Redmond History: 1931-1940

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

  • 1931 The Library in the Grand Central Hotel becomes the site of the Town Council meetings (Hardy 11) Emma McRedmond White fails to make mortgage payments on the Luke McRedmond homestead, and the bank forecloses. (Way 67)

  • 1932 Seven men band together to fight fires, and the next year buy a 1,000 gallon tanker (Hardy 25) The Redmond Hotel closes as a result of the Depression, and Emma McRedmond White cannot pay the mortgage consequently the bank orecloses on the property. (Way 67)

  • 1933: 2/12 Nokomis opens Library on NE 80th Street in a building specifically built to house the Library. The building also serves as site of Town Council meetings (Hardy 11)

  • First troop of Girls Scouts meets (Hardy 80)

  • 1935 Clements Gwerder establishes dairy farm on the southwest corner of Redmond-Woodinville Road and NE 124th Street (Way 116)

  • 1937 Large addition made to Nokomis building opens in November. Named the “Clubhouse” the space is used for individual rentals, community meetings, dinners for up to 100 persons, and other community events

  • 1938 Rusichs begin a mink ranch in area near 208th Ave NE and Union Hill Road (Way 119)

  • Hutcheson’s sell property to the Farrel McWhirters, who use the site as a summer home.

  • 1939 Bike Derby inaugurates race around Lake Sammamish, and sells chances estimating the winning race time. Proceeds pay for downtown Christmas decorations and school athletic equipment (Way 125-6)

  • Works Progress Administration builds a large log cabin in Redmond Town Park that is named for Janet Ada (Jennie) Adair Sikes in 1982 to satisfy stipulation of land sale to the town by Ezra Sikes. Jennie Sikes was also a Nokomis charter member. (Hardy 76) Official name of the Redmond Community Church becomes Redmond Community Methodist Church. (Way 147)

  • Charter is obtained for American Legion Post 161 by Halvor Stensland, who serves as first post commander. (Hardy 42)

  • 1940 Redmond’s population, according to the US Census, is 530 (Wikipedia)

  • The Moffett’s establish a pig farm adjacent to the Dunkel’s operation at 140th Ave NE and Old Redmond Road (Way 118)

  • Interstate 90 floating bridge is completed in July (Way 150)

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