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Redmond History: 1921-1930

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

  • 1921 School bus service extends to Avondale (Way 103)

  • Clise sells Willowmoor to John E. Bratnober, who changes the name to Northwood (Hardy 60)

  • 1922 Red brick school with 12-rooms, gymnasium and auditorium built on NE 80th Street opens. The grade school occupies the first floor, and high schoolers meet on the second floor. Shop and home economics classes are held at Anderson Park (Way 102)

  • Aries Gardens begins farming in the Sammamish Valley along Willows Road, and grows carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and cauliflower. The farm, as of 2011, is the site of the Willows Run Golf Course (Way 121)

  • King County builds workshops south of the railroad tracks, west of Leary Way. The shops are used as a base for area road work, and are demolished in 2002 (Hardy Timeline I 12)

  • Weidemann's begin chicken farm on Red Brick Road (Way 118)

  • 1923 A six-room addition is added to the red brick school (Way 102) 6- The first graduation ceremonies are held at the red brick school (Hardy Timeline I 12) 5/23

  • Redmond Oddfellow Lodge No. 325 is founded (Hardy Timeline I 12) 1924 Siler's Logging Mill starts business

  • The Campbell Mill, a major employer, burns down (Way 95)

  • 12/29: Redmond Sportsmen's Association forms with Robert Hemphill, President; Frank Seidel, Vice-president; and George Julian, Secretary-Treasurer John Theodore "Red" Sunblad serves as town Marshal until 1949 (Way 146)

  • 1925 Construction begins on Fall City-Redmond Road (Hardy 50)

  • Fire destroys Bratnober Company Mill, and the company town at Monohon (Hardy Timeline I 13)

  • 1926 The United Methodist Church is moved to its current location on NE 80th Street (Hardy 62)

  • First quarter section purchase of the watershed property is made by Town Council (Hardy 95)

  • First improvement district approved by voters (Hardy Timeline I 13)

  • Old school buildings in Anderson Park headquarter the Consolidated Grange Fair (Hardy Timeline I 13)

  • 1927 Mayor Bill Brown expedites the reconstruction and paving of West Lake Sammamish Parkway to Issaquah. He purchases a tract of land made accessible by the parkway that he develops into Rosemont and Rosemont Beach (Way 108, 99)

  • 10/29: Nokomis opens Library in a small two-room building owned by Herman Reed located on the west side of Leary Way north of the Redmond Trading Company

  • Town Council relocates meetings to Allen's Drugs on the southwest corner of Cleveland and Gilman (Hardy 11)

  • Dunkel's develop a pig farm on 140th Ave NE and Old Redmond Road (Way 118)

  • 1928 Telephones installed in town

  • Redmond City (Town) Park, the first city park, is created from property acquired from School District #200 and Ezra Sikes (Way 159)

  • Redmond Sportsmen's Association incorporates with the goal "to foster the preservation, perpetuation, protection and propagation of fish and game of all kinds and to acquire the same by purchase or otherwise, for sportsmen and all other legal purposes." The group locates the clubhouse east of Redmond off of Redmond-Fall City Highway on 120 acres donated by the Campbell Lumber Company. (Hardy 80, 91)

  • 1929 9/29 Library relocates to the large room in the Grand Central Hotel on the northeast corner of Leary Way and Cleveland Street

  • 1930 US Census records population as 460 (Wikipedia)

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