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Redmond History: 1911-1920

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

  • 1911 Several serious fires occur (Way 77)

  • Redmond State Bank receives charter and opens in new brick building on the Northwest corner of Leary Way and Cleveland Street (Way 82)

  • First use of Packard trucks that transport logs to unloading docks on Lake Sammamish

  • Congregational Church disbands after meeting for 30 years (Way 89)

  • 1912 The school board re-organizes the high school, and fires the principal and teachers because the students are allowed to be undisciplined and rowdy (Hardy Timeline I 8)

  • Redmond incorporates as 4th class town with over 300 citizens and a size of 192.9 acres (Way 78)

  • 1913 Fred Reil is Redmond's first mayor; he meets with the Town Council in the Walther hotel

  • The Redmond-Kirkland road is completed, and blacktopped to Grass Lawn Road then macadamed to Bear Creek service station.

  • Town Council approves the establishment of saloons within city limits. Initial license fee is $1,000, annual renewal fee is between $300 to $1,000, and the license will be revoked if there is a failure to maintain an orderly house or liquor is served to minors (Way 78)

  • Taxpayers approve $13,000 bond to modernize water system to serve community (Way 78)

  • Yellowstone Trail paved with red bricks, and becomes known as the Red Brick Road on 196th Ave NE between Union Hill Road and 55th Place NE (Way 68)

  • The main event of the 4th of July celebration is a tug of war challenge--Redmond vs. The World. The Redmond team, anchored by a 250-pound man, wins in a time of 20 minutes 1914 T & D Feeds becomes established, and is known as the Co-op (Way 119)

  • Redmond High School graduates its first three seniors, Thomas Perrigo, Etta Boddy, and Bessie Mitchell (Hardy Timeline I 10)

  • Bookkeeper and store manager, William Quackenbush, arrives in Redmond with his wife, Maude Mae, and four daughters (Way 55)

  • Judge William White dies (Way 67)

  • 1915 Accredited 4-year high school establishes in a 6-room building in Anderson Park (Way 89)

  • Town Council relocates meeting place to Eagles Hall then to the second floor of Bill Bill Brown's Building (Hardy 11)

  • 1916 Lake Washington Ship Canal opens, and lowers lake level about 9 feet

  • Redmond Service Station opens at 17001 NE 79th Street and is operated by JC Alter (Hardy Timeline I 10)

  • 1917 Clise family moves to California

  • 1918 Bill Brown elected mayor, and serves from 1919 until 1948 (Way 91)

  • Union Oil Company plant locates in Redmond

  • Redmond Logging starts business (Way 55)

  • Morelli's open a 45-acre chicken farm on 148th Ave NE in the Overlake area (Way 117)

  • Banker CA Shinstrom coaches the high school basketball team to the county championship won at the Seattle YMCA (Way 96)

  • Lake Washington Reflector, published by Eugene LeHequet, begins publication (Hardy Timeline I 11)

  • "Eastside Journal" begins publication in Kirkland. East Side is originally spelled as two words (Hardy Timeline I 11)

  • 1919 Mill workdays are reduced from 10 to 8 hours as a result of union bargaining (Way 94)

  • North Bend Stage begins business, and is run by Emil and Myrtle Oslund Arneson (Hardy Timeline I 11)

  • Lou C. Brown leases the "Redmond Hall", opens the Dream Theater, and shows the first moving picture, "The Girl From Outside" (Hardy Timeline I 11)

  • 1920 Official US census indicates Redmond population is 438 (Wikipedia)

  • School bus service begins as outlying schools in Union Hill, Happy Valley, and Inglewood decide to consolidate (Way 103)

  • First gas station opens (Hardy Timeline I 11)

  • Norman's Saloon interior is axed and trashed late at night. Although theories abound, no one is charged for the crime (Hardy Timeline I 11)

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