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Redmond History 1900-1910

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

  • 1900: Population is 271 Horse teams replace the oxen teams to haul logs over skids (Way 52)

  • 1901: Lake Sammamish Shingle Company is established in Monahan Norwegian Lutheran Church opens (Way 89)

  • Westby Dry Goods retail store opens (Way 83)

  • Yellowstone Trail, major cross-country road connecting the Cascades, Wyoming, and Montana, is constructed on 196th Ave NE between Union Hill Road and 55th Place NE

  • 1902: Union High School established

  • 1903: The first community center is built at 7979 Leary Way, and is the town social gathering place (Way 9)

  • 1904: James W. Clise buys 78 acres from Adam Tosh along the slough, and Willowmoor farm estate develops with Clise eventually owning 350 acres (Way 71)

  • 1905: Campbell's Mill opens in Campton (Way 53), Clise builds an authentic Dutch windmill on his farm at Willowmoor (Hardy Timeline I 6)

  • 1906: Trimble Mill on Union Hill is first to use double drum engine and the second to use the steam donkey engine (Hardy Timeline I 6)

Happy Grange Valley Band
Happy Grange Valley Band

  • The Methodist church completes construction of a new church near the corner of Redmond Way and l64th Street NE (Way 89)

  • Henry A. Templeton is appointed postmaster (Hardy Timeline I 6)

  • 11/1 William E and Jennie Sikes lay out a second addition to the original township Luke McRedmond created (Hardy Timeline I 7)

  • 1907: Redmond Trading Company owned by William Howell, Fred Reil, and brothers, Charley and Hayes Huffman, is the town's largest business which is located in a large brick building in the first block north of the railroad tracks on the west side of Leary Way at 7805. The trading company serves as the stage stop and post office until 1915. (Way 80-81)

  • Frederick A Reil is appointed Redmond postmaster (Hardy Timeline I 7)

  • Lena and Anthony Ottini settle, and initially rent the McRedmond homestead where they establish a dairy farm (Way 116)

  • 1908: A two-story, four-room school built in Anderson Park. Although the school did not have indoor plumbing, it did have a small gym (Way 88)

  • Classes are held in Willows School until 1918 First horse stage from Redmond to Kirkland

  • 1909: Redmond Lumber Company begins operations, and Ohio Mill on the Yellowstone Trail also begins business about same time (Way 55)

  • Passenger train service is available for arrivals and departures

  • Nokomis Club founded at the home of Jennie Williams with six women in attendance (Nokomis Archives)

  • 1910: 10/1 Happy Valley Grange organizes and builds grange hall in 1910 (Redmond Reporter)

  • Episcopal Church meets near the Christian Science Church (Way 89)

  • Redmond contributes a cedar log exhibit to the Alaskan Yukon Pacific Exhibition in Seattle (Hardy Timeline I 7)

  • 9/22 William and Matilda Perrigo file an addition to the township, and name it Perrigo's Plat of Redmond. It is the first residential area of Redmond (Hardy Timeline I 7)

  • US census records population as 450 citizens (Wikipedia)

  • Ole Skjarstad, boot shop repair owner, brings the first automobile to Redmond (Hardy Timeline I)

  • Bill Brown's Saloon opens in a two-story brick building on the southeast corner of Leary Way and Cleveland Street. The saloon becomes a pharmacy in 1919 (Way 83, 91)

  • Grand Central Hotel rebuilds after the previous building, Walther Hotel, burns down (Way 85)

  • Board sidewalks are replaced by cement sidewalks; project completed by 1920 (Way 98)

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