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Redmond Senior Center: ‘Thanks for the Memories!’

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We bid a fond farewell to the Redmond Senior Center (RSC), which opened in 1990 under Redmond Mayor Doreen Marchione. The RSC was a hub for senior activities, interest groups, meals, a crafter’s gallery, and community programs and events. It also included several of the Redmond Historical Society’s Saturday Speaker Series programs, membership meetings, and two fundraiser events.

The RSC was closed in September 2019 due to structural damage. COVID-19 delayed final decision making on the fate of the center, but in June 2020 the city council voted to decommission and demolish the RSC. Demolition took place on November 18, 2020, with Mayor Angela Birney taking the first swing with a sledgehammer. The city is working with an architect firm on the design. No decision has been made on the size or budget for the building. Follow the project at

The city staff has created a Senior Center memorial booklet. You can view it online or download the PDF here.

We will also have a hard copy at the Society office.

“Heart of Ribbons” left by community members. The Commemoration Committee, part of the RSC Advisory Committee, coordinated the project.

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