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Redmond's Founding

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Why is 1912 so important in Redmond history? Because in November of that year, newborn baby Ernst Alexander Adams was born and became Redmond's 300th citizen. His birth made the town large enough to qualify for incorporation by Washington state. Redmond officially became a town on December 31, 1912.

young Ernst Alexander Adams
Baby Ernst Alexander Adams

Ernest Adams was the eldest son of Mabel Parks Adams and Ernest Adams 2nd, who at the time his son was born worked as a clerk for Theo Youngerman, the general store in Redmond. He was also a trustee for the Redmond Construction Company, formed in 1904, with Justice William H. White and William Trimble. The Adams family had come to Redmond in 1894 when Ernest Senior and his wife Rennie arrived with their four children-Mabel Anne, Ernest 2nd, Arthur Webster and John Quincy. The new baby boy would be joined by a younger brother Ray, and a younger sister Barbara Harriet.

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