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History at Home

Updated: May 24, 2022

Not able to visit? No problem!

If there is an item in our collection of Obituaries, or Oral History Recordings that particularly interests you please contact our Manager of Administration and Archives at

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You can also explore Redmond's unique history using some of our Online Resources. Here are some great ways to connect with the Society, learn more about our local history or get started on that new research project.

Sammamish Valley News Archive: The Redmond Historical Society has a searchable, free online archive of the Sammamish Valley News. You can browse the archive by date, by choosing the button on the left. You can also search for specific words, businesses or individuals by using the button on the left.

This digitizing project made possible by a grant from 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax.

Past Perfect Online Catalog: Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, a portion of our collection is available online. You can browse documents, photos and even listings for three dimensional objects. It a great place to start your research and will give you a better sense of what might be in our physical archives.


Here’s a helpful tip for our Sammamish Valley News Archive and Past Perfect Catalog: If you want to find an exact match for a name or phrase, try putting it in quotes! For example, searching for “Happy Valley” will return only results where the two words occur next to each other. Without the quotes it will return all results with the words “happy” or “valley”.


Redmond History by the Decade: To celebrate Redmond’s Centennial in 2012, the Redmond Historical Society but together a detailed listing of interesting and significant items from Redmond’s History. Browse by decade to get a glimpse of what was happening in Redmond!

Stay Connected! Did you know that the Society has a Facebook page? We share photos, memories, stories of growing up in Redmond. It's a great way to reach out and share with the community. Visit to join the conversation! You don't have to join Facebook to look at our page.

And, don’t forget all these other resources for local and state history:

The Eastside Heritage Center:

Kirkland Heritage Society:

Issaquah History Museums:

History Link:

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