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Former Mayor to Share Stories at ’Art and Memory‘ Exhibit

Chris Himes

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Redmond Historical Society (RHS) is partnering with Venues for Artists in the Local Area (VALA) to display artworks by Redmond residents Dorisjean Colvin and Loana “Barney” Johnson Reilly. The exhibit, “Art and Memory: Viewing Redmond’s History with an Artist’s Eye,” runs through March 31st at VALA Art Center, 8020 161st Ave NE #104, Redmond, WA 98052.

When VALA puts on an exhibit, it has been a tradition to invite the public to an “artist talk,” to discuss the themes, processes, and experiences behind the work. However, in the current “Art and Memory” exhibit, the artists themselves cannot be present. Loana “Barney” Johnson Reilly passed away, and Dorisjean “Dori” Colvin, lives in Olympia and cannot travel. Instead, the stories behind these artists’ works will be shared by family, friends, and former students.

On March 20, 2022, VALA and RHS will host an “Artist Talk” noon-1pm, VALA Art Center, 8020 161st Ave NE #104, Redmond, WA 98052. This event is free and open to the public. The event will also be livestreamed through VALA’s Facebook page (

During the talk, RHS will share an interview with Loana’s family about her life and the ways that her sketches and watercolors captured her childhood, including whimsical, loving scenes of school days, tree climbing, and family life. To honor Dori Colvin, former Redmond mayor and founding Society member Chris Himes will share memories and stories of her friend and colleague, who lived and taught art in Redmond up through the 1970s. Dori’s daughter Colleen Kemp, as well as former students, will share their stories of this popular artist and teacher, who had “a passion for art.”


“I just had too much energy to be satisfied only with taking care of a home. Now I can devote myself more to my special passion: art.” —Dorisjean Colvin*

* Quote from Sammamish Valley News, January 14, 1970, “What’s new in Redmond Business”


About Redmond Historical Society

The Redmond Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the community through stewardship, collecting, preserving, and sharing Redmond’s unique heritage. The Society receives support from the City of Redmond, 4Culture, Humanities Washington, The Nelson Legacy Group, Natural & Built Environments, and Happy Valley Grange, as well as from other donors and members. More info:

About Venues for Artists in the Local Area (VALA)

Venues for Artists in the Local Area (VALA Eastside) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization based in Redmond, WA, committed to connecting artists to artists, artists to the community, and the community to art. More Info:

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