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Tour the City of Redmond Landmarks

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Did you know that 16 properties within the City are designated as City Landmarks?

The City Council established the Redmond Heritage Resource Register in the early 2000s as a way to highlight and protect these special places that represent Redmond’s past. Learn more about each of the 16 properties below. Learn more about the City’s Historic Preservation program on the City’s website. The City also worked with King County Historic Preservation to offer increased benefits to owners of these historic properties. In order to do so, the King County Landmarks Commission in 2010 designated each of the properties as a City of Redmond Regional Landmark.

Have you visited them all? Link to a Bing Map of them all to easily explore the history of Redmond.

  1. Justice White House, 7730 Leary Way NE

  2. Bill Brown Saloon, 7824 Leary Way NE

  3. Redmond Trading Company, 7805 Leary Way NE

  4. Redmond State Bank, 7841 Leary Way NE

  5. O.A. Wiley Home, 16244 Cleveland Street

  6. Lodge Hall, 7875 Leary Way NE

  7. Odd Fellows Hall, 7979 Leary Way NE

  8. Brown's Garage, 16389 Redmond Way

  9. Redmond Methodist Church, 16540 NE 80th Street

  10. Redmond School, 16600 NE 80th Street

  11. Redmond City Park, 7802 168th Avenue NE

  12. Perrigo House, 17325 NE 85th Place

  13. Conrad Olsen Farmstead, 18834 NE 95th Street

  14. Farrel McWhirter Park, Hutcheson Homestead, 19545 NE Redmond Road

  15. Haida House Studio, 7433 159th Place NE

  16. Redmond Cemetery

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