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2023 RHS Tote Bag: Artist FAQ

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Q: How do I enter.

Q: What is this design for?

A: The tote bag will be part of the Society’s 2023 membership drive.

Q: What is the timeline for this project?

A: Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2022. Winners to be announced April 9, 2022 at the RHS Saturday Speaker Series program, and totes will be distributed in early 2023.

Q: Who gets a tote bag?

A: All new and renewing Society members will receive a tote bag as a membership gift. We may also offer them as raffle prizes at fundraising events.

Q: What can I do with the theme of “I Love Redmond Historical Society”?

A: Designs can be abstract or representational, color or black and white. Keep in mind that the Society’s logo will appear on the same side of the tote bag. Our brand colors include:

Warmer brick

HTML 7C1300

RGB 124-19-0

CMYK 30-98-100-39


HTML 6C0202

RGB 108-2-2

CMYK 32-100-100-49

Light grey


RGB 193-193-193

CMYK 24-19-20-0

Medium grey

HTML 7A7877

RGB 122-120-119

CMYK 53-46-46-11


HTML 650369

RGB 101-3-105

CMYK 69-100-25-17



RGB 175-120-59

CMYK 27-53-89-9

Q: What are the dimensional parameters around the design?

A: The imprint size will be 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches.

Q: Can I use photography, collage, or mixed media in my design?

A: As long as the design can be effectively digitized, you are free to use whatever medium you like.

Q: Can I incorporate archival photos of Redmond in my design?

A: Yes. You can access the Society’s online archives here: However, please request permission to use these images. Contact

Q: Is there a prize? A stipend? What do I win?

A: There is no prize or stipend for the winning artist. However, your work will be credited in all Society membership promotions. We will include a profile of you in our newsletter, on our website, and provide a link to your website, Instagram, or other social media.

Q: How will entries be judged? What are the criteria?

A: Entries will be judged on the following criteria: 1) connection to theme; 2) originality; and 3) technical execution.

Q: How will the winning design be selected?

A: Submissions will be reviewed by a committee.

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