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1968 Derby Day Queen's Mother Held 1949 Title

Updated: May 7, 2020

Like mother like daughter, Debbie Janus was crowned new queen of the Redmond Bike Derby Saturday, a title her mother held in 1949. Debbie, who will be a senior at Redmond High School this year, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Janus. Her mother was Diantha Reese at the time she won the queen's title.

Debbie Janus

"Actually the derby hasn't changed much except that the winning girl now has a whole year to reign as queen, " Mrs. Janus said. "When I was queen it was just for the day of the derby. Debbie actually will reign over next year's derby since the queen is chosen at the end of the celebration."

"Debbie was the youngest of the four queen candidates. Sponsored by the Redmond Lions Club, she and her sponsors sold the most tickets for a new car to win the title.

Debbie has lived in Redmond all of her life. She has served on the Girls' Club cabinet and played on the Redmond High School girls' tennis team. In addition, she swims and water skis. She has held down a summer job at Douglass Drug Store.

Debbie's ambition is to become a lawyer. Her interests run to government and politics and she plans on attending a model United Nations meeting this summer.

[Photo and Article above excerpted from East Side Journal August 14, 1968]

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