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Oral Histories

The Redmond Historical Society has collected recorded and transcribed oral histories from Redmond's history.

Did you know the Redmond Historical Society has an impressive collection of more than 30 oral histories! From Ray Adams to Arlyn Vallene, our collection covers many years of Redmond's History, and we are pleased to share them.


Contact the Society office at to arrange a time to review one, or many!


A = Audio
T = Transcription


About Former Mayor Bud Young, 2002 (A)

Adams, Watkins, Anderson, 2001 (A, T)

Arlyn Vallene, 2001 (A, T)

Arne Stray, 2002 (A)

Arne Stray, 2008 (A, T)

Barbara Feldman, 2002 (A)

Bob Bailie, 2001 (A)

Bob Bailie, 2002 (A, T)

Bud Young, 1971 (A)

City Hall Dedication, 1971 (A, T)

Daryl Martin, 1999 (A, T)

David Harris, 2001 (A)

Dorothy White Hanscom, 1999 (A, T)

E&A School Project, 1999 (A)

E&A School Project, 2000 (A)

Eric Erickson (A)

Frank Mann (A)

Green Family, 2002 (A)

Judy Lang, 2001 (A, T)

Judy Lang, 2005 (A)

Lampaerts, 1999 (A)

Lorraine Young, 2000 (A, T)

McClintick Sisters, 1996 (A, T)

Ray Adams, 2001 (A, T)

Rex Swan, 1982 (A, T)

Roy Lampaert, 1993 (A, T)

Seniors, 1987 (A)

Thomas and Foreman, 2001 (A, T)

Tom Thomas, 2001 (A, T)

Tony Emmanuel, 2002 (A, T)

Vallene and Goetschius, 2002 (A)

Woody Reed, 2002 (A, T)

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