Brown's Garage

 Automobile service shops were a common sight in Eastside communities by 1920 when Mayor Bill Brown built his 20-car repair shop, enduringly the most attractive commercial building of its kind. The new business profited from highway traffic from the east, north and west. Indeed, during his 30 years in office, the mayor's motto was "All roads lead to Redmond," which is today a contributing element in traffic congestion as major roads were planned to converge downtown. About 1937, former Town Councilman George Julian and long-time Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jack Buckley purchased Brown's Garage. They changed the name to Redmond Motor Sales, and remodeled the building to accommodate a Chrysler–Plymouth dealership. Jack had worked in his brother Frank Buckley's service station and garage across the busy intersection before opening his own business, and the two brothers maintained friendly competition for passing highway motorists for many years. Seen in this 1920s photograph atop the garage is a tower with the bell that was rung to call the town's volunteer firefighters to action.

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