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This section shows a sample of obituary documents that were published in the newspaper, such as The Seattle Times.

Also, a complete list of obits is shown here.

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Did you know that 16 properties within the City are designated as City Landmarks? The City Council established the Redmond Heritage Resource Register in the early 2000s as a way to highlight and protect these special places that represent Redmond’s past. Learn more about each of the 16 properties below. Learn more about the City’sHistoric Preservation program on the City’s website.

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This section contains biographical documents about people of Redmond. Also, browse articles located in the People Top Menu.

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Board Approved Documents

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The Redmond Recorder News was once the name of Redmond's local newspaper. It was replaced by the Sammamish Valley News, which later folded. We've since adopted the Redmond Recorder as the name for our newsletter, published 9 times a year since 1999. We have archived copies going back to the first newsletter published, May 1999.


We  archive past newsletters, click here to show our collection going back to May 1999.


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We have 8 general meetings a year, (January-May, and then September-November) as well as a summer picnic. The general meetings are the second Saturday of each month, 10:30 a.m.-noon, at the Old Schoolhouse. Each meeting includes a presentation on some aspect of Redmond or Eastside history.

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