Redmond Parks and Recreation: The Early Years

February 10, 2018


On January 1, 1968, the City of Redmond Parks and Recreation Department was born;. How did it all begin? Was there a Park Plan? Where did the money come from? Who were the "go- getters?" What were the early challenges, successes and missed opportunities?

Imagine Redmond 1968--population 7,000. There's one downtown park, two baseball fields and no playgrounds. There is a privately-owned golf links, and an old beach resort down West Lake Sammamish. Recreation programs center on school activities, service clubs and churches. Most people work outside the city. There's one blinking stop light. There's a weekly newspaper and an aid car run by volunteer firemen. There are plenty of taverns, but only a handful of police. Life is good and about to get better. Today there are 34 parks and a 25 mile trail system. Happy 50th Birthday Redmond Parks and Recreation!


John Couch
Director - Parks and Recreation, 1968-2000
City of Redmond  



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