Walking Tour Photo Gallery

Welcome to Redmond’s Historical Walking Tour Photo Gallery. In this collection, you can view photos of 38 historical locations in Redmond and learn about their stories in the accompanying article. Recently updated with current day images, the "then and now" photo gallery will give you a sample of the tour.

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This "mobile app" walking tour of Redmond's historic downtown core (near Redmond Town Center) takes you back to those years by visiting 38 sites or existing buildings, some more than 100 years old. Most of the tour can be done covering just a few blocks, especially along Leary Way, while a slightly longer tour goes just beyond the core.

City Landmarks

Did you know that 16 properties within the City are designated as City Landmarks? The City Council established the Redmond Heritage Resource Register in the early 2000s as a way to highlight and protect these special places that represent Redmond’s past. Read More



Start Virtual Tour at "Justice White House"biker tour guide


It was during the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration that the idea for the Redmond Walking Tour was started as part of a bicentennial community project. It was a way to introduce Redmond’s history to old timers as well as newcomers. And there were many newcomers arriving daily in Redmond. As part of the project we had 14 brass plaques made and placed on the buildings to show what the original building was used for.


The City of Redmond now prints the official ‘Walking Tour Guide’ and maintains a Kiosk at the Leary Way Corner Park that displays our founding fathers and mothers. Contact the Society office for information about guided walking tours several times a year. A small fee for the guided tour goes to help fund preservation work.


Special thanks to Janice LeVeck and Brian Ranck for their generous contribution of photographing all of the “Now” images of the historical locations.

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