Naches Wagon Train Members 1853

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In September or October 1853, the first wagon train succeeds in crossing rugged Naches Pass through the Cascade Mountains north of Mount Rainier, near where the borders of present-day Yakima, Kittitas, Pierce, and King Counties meet. The train of more than 30 wagons includes James and Virinda Longmire and their children, who have traveled with several other families from their home in Indiana to settle in Western Washington. Read More on Essay 5053, HistoryLink.org

This article was contributed by Claire Raaum. 


Claire Raaum was our guest speaker at our November 2001 meeting. She took us back in time with her presentation entitled "1853 Naches Trail Expedition into Puget Sound." This is a popular program which Claire presents to schools, civic groups and historical societies through-out our area. She was dressed in period costume and has a slide show to accompany her talk.


   In March 1853, lured by the Donation Act, a hardy group of pioneers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Missouri started out for the west coast. Somewhere between the Missouri river and the Rockies the individual groups joined together into a large wagon train of between 140 and 160 persons.


Instead of following the Oregon Trail, out to Oregon Territory, they decided to push north and cross Naches Pass into Washington Territory.


After an extremely difficult crossing, they arrived in Pierce County in October, being the first settlers to take the direct route over the Cascades into Puget Sound.


From Illinois:


James McCullough Frazier (died on the route)           Flora McCullough

Mrs. Elizabeth Frazier                                                        Mary Francis Porter McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Judson                                              Mrs. James McCullough (Gordon)

Stephen Judson                                                               Gertrude Delin Mueller                      

John Paul Judson                                                             John Niesen


From Indiana:


Frederick Burnett                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John Lane

Joseph Day                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. James Longmire

Charles R. Fitch                                                                 Elcaine Longmire

Clark N. Greenman                                                          John A. Longmire

Mr. and Mrs. Tyrus Himes                                                 Tillathi Kandle Longmire

George Himes                                                                   Joel Risdon

Helen Z. Rudell Himes                                                      Henry Risdon

Judson Himes                                                                    Asher Sargent

Lestina Z. Eaton Himes                                                    E. Nelson Sargent

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Lane                                           Wilson Sargent

Edward Lane                                                                   F. M. Sargent

William Lane                                                                     Matilda Saylor Sargent

Timothy Lane                                                                    Rebecca Kellet Sargent

Albert Lane                                                                       (John) Van Ogle


From Kentucky:


James Aiken                                                                     Charles N. Byles

John Aiken                                                                        Sarah I. Ward Byles

Glenn Aiken                                                                     Wesley Clinton

Bartholomew C. Baker                                                   Varine Davis

Mrs. Fanny Baker                                                             Mr. and Mrs. William R. Downey

James Baker                                                                    Christopher C. Downey

John W. Baker                                                                 George W. Downey

Leander H. Baker                                                            James H. Downey

Elijah Baker                                                                       William A. Downey

Mrs. Olive B. Baker                                                          R. M. Downey

Joseph N. Baker                                                              John M. Downey

William Leroy Baker                                                         Louise D. Guess Downey

James Biles                                                                       Jane Clark Downey

Mrs. Nancy Biles                                                              Susan Latham Downey

George Biles                                                                    Laura B. Downey                              

Kate Sargent Biles                                                          Henry C. Finch

Susan B. Drew Biles                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James Gant

Clark Biles                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Harris Gant

Margaret Biles                                                                 Mason F. Guess

Ephemia Knapp Biles                                                     Wilson Guess

John Bowers                                                               J. Wilson Hampton

Martha Young Brooks                                                Mary Jane Byles Hill

Rev. Charles Byles                                                      Newton West

Mrs. Sarah W. Byles                                                   John W. Woodward

David Byles                                                                Austin Young

Rebecca A. Goodell Byles


From Missouri:


James Bell                                                                   Robert L. Woolery

William M. Kincaid                                                    James Henderson Woolery

Ruth McCarthy Kincaid                                             Sarah Jane Woolery   

John F. Kincaid                                                           Abram Woolery

Susannah Thompson Kincaid                                     Mrs. Abram (Aunt Pop) Woolery

James Kincaid                                                             Jacob Fracis Woolery

Christopher Kincaid                                                    Daniel Henry Woolery

Laura Kincaid (Meade and Seaman)                          Agnes W. Lamon Woolery

Joseph Kincaid                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Israel H. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Erastus A. Light                                    Benjamin Franklin Wright

Henry Light                                                                James Wright

George Melville                                                          Elizabeth Bell Wright

Kate M. Thompson Melville                                       Rebecca More Wright

Robert Melville                                                           William Wright

Isaac Woolery                                                             Byrd Wright

Mr. Isaac (Aunt Peg) Woolery                                    Annis Downey Wright


Unknown States:


Mr. and Mrs. John Steward                                        William Mitchell

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