Polk Directory 1911 - 1912

Because of onerous field work required to compile a directory one-hundred years ago, data for those communities recorded early in the survey can be fully two years old at publication. In Polk’s description of Redmond, the population figures attributed to the town are actually for the entire district, more than double Redmond’s population. In the summary, not listed as assets are Redmond's most profitable businesses: four thriving saloons, the taxes for which were the motivation for incorporation in 1912. Although “City Hall” is listed, there was none. Corrections of misspelled names are mine. Naomi Hardy, Redmond Historical Society Historian. 

Polk Directory 1911 - 1912
Redmond: "A town and post office on Squak Slough and Snoqualmie branch N.P. Ry., 10 miles east of Seattle, county seat. Population: US Census 1910, 642; Directory estimate 1900, 738. A bank, 3 shingle mills and 2 hotels are located here. Sustains Congregational and M.E. churches. Express, Northern. Telegraph, W.U. Pac. And Ind. Tel. Cos. Mail daily."
Adams Alex, clerk Theo Youngerman 
Adams Anna M, wife of Arthur Adams 
Adams Archibald 
Adams Arthur, logger 
Adams Ernest, section foreman NP Railway 
Adams John Q., helper NP Railway 
Adams Mable, wife of Alex Adams. Bookkeeper Theo Youngerman 
Adams Rena, wife of Ernest Adams 
Adams Wilson, tmstr 
Anderson Aug, logger 
Anderson Mary Mrs 
Avondale Shingle Co, MT Brown mngr, 4 m NE 
Baker Mark, stock dir 
Baker, Ellen, wife of Mark Baker 
Bauer Amelia C 
Bloomquist Oto, laborer 
Body [sic] Edward, bartender  [correct: Boddy] 
Body [sic] Kate, wife of Edward Body  [correct: Boddy] 
Borst Bert, shingle weaver 
Borst Kate Mrs, wife of Bert Borst 
Brice EC, deputy fire warden 
Brown Fred, laborer 
Brown MT, manager Avondale Shingle Co 
Brown Wilhelmena, widow of Charles L. Brown 
Brown Wm, saloon 
Campbell James, Campbell Mill Co 
Campbell John, Campbell Mill Co 
Campbell Mill Co (Jas and John Campbell), lumber mnfrs 1½ miles SE 
City Hall  
Clise James W, dairy  
Congregational Church 
Conrey [sic] Grace, wife of Michael  Conrey [correct: Connery] 
Conrey [sic] Michael, laborer  [correct: Connery] 
Dingwall Earl, laborer 
Dingwall Myrtle, student 
Donnelly Emma B, wife of Wm D Donnelly 
Donnelly Wm D, general merchandise  
Durkoop & Major, (CH Durkoop, ME Major), General Blacksmithing, Wagon and Loggers’ Tools, Repairing, Expert Horseshoeing a Specialty 
Durkoop Christian H, Durkoop & Major 
Durkoop Lovinna, wife of Christian H Durkoop 
Ebersold Evaline Mrs, cook Hotel Walther 
Falls Wm, farmer 
Faulkner Anna, teacher Redmond school 
FOE, Redmond Aerie No 1600, meets every Saturday evening of the month at Eagles Hall, FM Mann WW, EE Wright secretary 
Forester Irvin R, laborer 
Forrester Harriet G, wife of Wm Forrester 
Forrester Louisa Mrs 
Forrester Wm, principal Redmond school  
Gernard John, laborer 
Graff Anna, wife of Fred Graff 
Graff Fred, laborer 
Green Frank, logger 
Hamer O, rancher 
Hartman May, teacher Redmond school 
Heiser Ethel, wife of John Heiser 
Heiser John, clerk Redmond Trading Co 
Holblick Catherine M, wife of Jacob F Holblick 
Holblick Jacob F, barber 
Hotel Redmond, Mrs Anna M Smith propr 
Hotel Walther, FW Walther Propr, First Class in Every particular, Headquarters for Tourists and Commercial Travelers, Restaurant and Bar in Connection, Rates $1.50 per Day & Up 
Howell Wm, 2d vice-pres Redmond Trading Co Inc 
Huffman Chas W, pres Redmond Trading Co  
Huffman Hayes R, 1st vice-pres Redmond Trading Co Inc 
Huffman Lena [sic] B, wife of Hayes R Huffman [correct Lenna] 
Huffman May, wife of Chas W Huffman 
Johns Levin B, chauffeur 
Keller Morris J, dairy 
Koontz Chas H, laborer 
Koontz Lola [sic], wife of Chas H Koontz  [correct: Lolah]  
Kraft John, meat cutter 
Lamere Helen G, wife of Ledro A Lamere 
Lamere Ledro A, agent NP Ry, mgr W U Teleg Co 
Lampaert Adelee [sic], meats [correct: Adile] 
Lampaert Cyrille [sic]  [correct: Cyril] 
Lampaert Rachel, wife of Adelee [sic] Lampaert  [correct: Adile] 
Larson Anna Mrs, janitor Redmond school 
Larson Anna, domestic 
Leathers Geo, bartender OA Wiley 
Leeum Edward O, blacksmith 
Leeum Ella P, wife of Edward Leeum 
Lutes Maggie, wife of Michael Lutes 
Lutes Michael, auto stage driver 
Major Amos E 
Major Mary M, wife of Miles E Major 
Major Miles E, Durkoop & Major 
Martin Ann, wife of John Martin 
Martin Benj, laborer 
Martin George, labor   
Martin Grace, wife of J Henry Martin
Martin J. Henry, chauffeur
Martin John 
McCallum Hector 
Methodist Episcopal Church 
Miller Louisa, widow of Henry Miller 
Mills Bertha G, bakery [widow of Arthur Mills] 
Moffit Lloyd, physician 
Moore Acle, clerk WD Donnelly 
Moore, Walter E, carpenter 
Morse James, rancher 
Morse Lydia, wife of James Morse 
Munson Mathias, dairy 
Norman Cyrus, saloon 
Norman Stanley H, student 
Norman Warren D, dairy 
Norman, Tina, wife of Cyrus Norman 
Northern Exp Co, LA Lamere agent 
Northern Pacific Railway, LA Lamere agent 
Ohio Mill Co, AH Ruelle [Woodinville] mngr, 2 mi NE           
Olson Eric, dairy 
Ottini Antone, dairy 
Pence Etta Mrs, restaurant 
Peterson Edwin, carpenter 
Peterson John, shingle manufacturer 3 miles NE 
Postoffice, Fred A Reil Postmaster 
Priegel Emanuel, rancher 
Redmond Construction Co, Wm Brown President, HS Reed sec-treas-gen mgr 
Redmond School, Wm Forrester principal 
Redmond State Bank, FM Roberts [Seattle] pres, RH Smith [Seattle] vice-pres, Clayton A Shinstrom sec-cashier 
Redmond Trading Co Inc, CW Huffman Pres, HR Huffman 1st Vice-Pres, Wm Howell 2nd Vice-Pres, Fred A Reil Sec-Treas, Dealers in General Merchandise, Loggers’ Supplies, Hardware, Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Tin and Graniteware, Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed 
Reed Addie B, wife of Herman S Reed 
Reed Herman S, general merchandise 
Reil Fred A, Sec-Treas Redmond Trading Co Inc and Postmaster 
Reil Lucy M, wife of Fred A Reil 
Richcreek Hiram, dairy 
Sammamish Shingle Mill Co, JF Bester  manager 
Scott Anna, widow of James Scott 
Scott Lawrence, logger 
Shinstrom Clayton A, sec-treas Redmond State Bank 
Skjarstad Ole, shoemaker 
Smith Anna M Mrs , proprietor Hotel Redmond 
Smith Elmer A, rancher 
Smith Hazel G, student 
Smith Percy L, student 
Stitham Clarence M, meat cutter 
Stitham Marada, wife of Clarence Stitham 
Story Frances, laborer 
Story Mary Mrs 
Sykes Israel, farmer 
Sykes Lionel, student 
Tardy Jennie Mrs 
Tardy Joseph, bartender Wm Brown 
Terhune Charles H, shingle weaver 
Terhune Merle, wife of Charles H Terhune 
Thayer Hattie H, widow of Phenis Thayer 
Thayer Walter M, laborer 
Thayer, Lillian 
Tosh Adam, dairy  
Underhill Wm, notary 
Vincent Dora 
Vincent Jane Mrs 
Wallace Burley, laborer 
Wallace Haggie, laborer 
Wallace Troy M, carpenter 
Wallace Winfred, photographer 
Walther Fred W, Propr Hotel Walther and Saloon 
Walther Mary, wife of Fred W Walther 
Webster [sic] JF, mngr Sammamish Shingle Mill Co  [correct: Weber] 
Wesby Rudolph O, rural mail carrier 
Western Union Telegraph Co, LA Lamere mngr 
Wiley Emma, wife of Orson A Wiley 
Wiley Orson A, saloon 
Williams Jennie, wife of Wm B Williams 
Williams Wm B, barber 
Wright Clara M, wife of Earl E Wright 
Wright Earl E, laborer 
Youngerman Theo, general merchandise 


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