Become a member of the Redmond Historical Society!

Memberships and donations go towards preserving and sharing Redmond's history. From its early use by Native Americans for fishing camps, to the high-tech hub that it has become, Redmond has a heritage worth protecting and celebrating. Funds we raise go towards heritage displays in public spaces, and saving precious records. Did you know we have nearly 60,000 images from the defunct Sammamish Valley News that we're starting to digitize? While most of our work is done by volunteers, we still need funds for projects and, eventually, a capital endowment.


Membership payment can be made by cash, check, credit card on-line or PayPal on-line — Click here for a General Membership Form (Mail in PDF with check) — or use the Join Today buttons below to use PayPal on-line. Click here for Business Membership Form (Mail in PDF with check). The membership levels are as follows:


$5.00 Trailblazer (Students)
$25.00 Pioneer (Individual)
$40.00 Homesteader (Family)
$200.00 Entrepreneur (Supporter)
$250.00 Corporate (Sole Proprietorship, Organization, or Non-Profit)
$1000.00 History Maker (Lifetime)


Lifetime members


*Ray G. Adams   Laurie Rockenbeck
*Eric Anderson Rosemarie Ives Margy Rockenbeck
*John Anderson Patricia Weiss Jovag William Rockenbeck
*Barbara Neal Beeson Barbara Weiss Joyce Doris Bauer Schaible
Brad Best *Glenn Lampaert Dick Shinstrom
Pierre Bruneau *Roy Lampaert Frederick N. Springsteel
Marjorie Stensland Costello Allen Lang Beryl Standley
John Couch Judy Aries Lang John Stilin
*Liz Carlson Coward Miguel Llanos Sherry Stilin
Cory de Jong III Jon Magnussen Fred Stray
Anthony Tony Emmanuel *Clare ‘Amo’ Marr Herbert Swanson
Frank Garbarino *Daryl Martin Larry O. Sundholm
Edward L. Hagen Dorothy Matsui Doris Townsend
Madeleine Roberts Hagen Allison Reed Morris Roger Trepanier
*Gervase Tom Hall *John L. Philips Arlyn Vallene
Wayne Hansen Roxana Philips Patti Simpson Ward
*Lucille B. Hansen-Bellings Dale Potter Don Watts
Mary Hanson Jo Ann Potter Rose Weiss
Jerry Hardy *Charles Reed Joanne Westlund
*Naomi Hardy *Frances Spray Reed *Margaret Evers Wiese
Christine Himes Vivian Robinson James Windle

* In Memoriam.

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