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The first case. One-room apartments are sold in a certain location with an area of ​​​​30 to 36 meters in brick houses at a price of 2.100.000 to 2.600.000 rubles. In total, you see 24 such proposals I am sure: your brain has now quickly calculated that the average price of an object is 2,350,000 rubles. And you first look at everything that is in price from 2.100.000 to 2.350.000 rubles, and only then proceed to the most expensive ones. The responsibility for the error here is minimal - the price range is too small. Therefore, further you will pay attention only to the photo and details of the interior, the facade of the house.

The second case. In one residential complex with 1,000 apartments, 16 objects with an area of ​​100-120 m² are put up for sale. The price of five objects without finishing varies from 25,000,000 rubles to 32,000,000 rubles, and eleven objects are sold at prices from 30,000,000 to 38,000,000 rubles with finishing. Feel the difference? The order of numbers has changed, and at the first moment it is even difficult for the brain to calculate a certain average cost. Moreover, some of the objects are sold with repairs, and some - without finishing. Why might there be such a scatter? Because in more expensive residential complexes, the difference in prices is determined by the floor, the view from the window, the quality of the layout (the number of windows).



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