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Resource Guide - Two Redmond Families, One Executive Order: Japanese American Incarceration in WA

In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which allowed the U.S. military to forcibly remove any Japanese Americans living on the West Coast and incarcerate them in camps, euphemistically called “War Relocation Centers.”

Order 9066 disrupted Japanese Americans' lives on an individual, family, and community level. This forced relocation order affected two Redmond High seniors, Chizuko Tamaye and Kaora Tokunaga. Each family responded differently to this order.

View our temporary exhibit at the Redmond Library starting February 8th.

The Redmond Historical Society also encourages you to learn more about Japanese American Incarceration and Executive Order 9066 from organizations that specialize in this history. Here are a few places to get you started:

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