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The Redmond Historical Society collects and preserves a wide variety of documents and artifacts from the broader Redmond community's history.

The Redmond Historical Society has an extensive collection of historical documents, pictures and artifacts for public, business and government use. Documents, photographs, and audio records are available in printed and digital form, and copies can be made on request. Our physical archives may be viewed by appointment. Please contact our office at info@redmondhistoricalsociety.org or 425-885-2919 for more information.


Our Collections include:


• An archive of photographs, newspaper clippings, periodicals, personal histories, obituaries, and information about local historical sites, structures, businesses and organizations.


• A collection of pamphlets, brochures, magazines, theater programs, calendars and historical records.


• An extensive collection of Sammamish Valley News, spanning the 1940s through the 1980s including Sammamish Valley News photograph negatives (available online at http://rhs.stparchive.com/)


• Historical maps and surveys.


Oral histories, including media and transcribed text. See the list of our recorded oral histories here.

• A collection of yearbooks and annuals from as far back as 1940. See the list of our collected yearbooks here.


• A photographic exhibit of Dudley Carter’s life and work.


• Additional artifacts including but not limited to: clothing, farm tools, logging equipment and furniture.


Please contact us at collections@redmondhistoricalsociety.org or with the form below if you have any questions. 

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