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In addition, to our collection's "historical artifacts" mostly displayed at our office in the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, we have a number of displays around town. We regularly create a display at the Redmond Library with the help of our community members, and we have a large window display at the new Washington State Liquor Store, which is located on Redmond Way in the historic building,  Brown's Garage. This building and more are part of our Historic Walking Tour. Much of Redmond's history can be gleaned from the stories known about our town's oldest buildings, and Tom Hitzroth is a master at telling them. We also regularly show some of our large photo collection at Redmond's Saturday Market. Come visit us at our market booth, or at our office, Room 106, ORSCC.

  • Stories About People

    Stories About People

    baby-ernest-adams-bannerThe history of Redmond is largely the history of the people who lived and worked here. From the Native Americans who welcomed early pioneers Luke McRedmond and Warren Perrigo to the influx of newcomers that helped to fuel Redmond’s high-tech industrial growth, the City’s history is full of interesting stories of everyday citizens as well as prominent names. Below you will find a collection of articles and documentation about the people of Redmond.

  • Derby Days


    2013 Derby Days Parade

    Derby Days is a summer Redmond tradition that began as a bicycle race around Lake Sammamish in 1939. It was held as a fundraiser for downtown holiday decorations and school athletic equipment. The outgrowth of a small town's community spirit, the Derby now hosts the nation's longest running bicycle race. These days, the bicycle race is held in downtown Redmond. Except for four years (1942 to 1945) during World War II, the race has been held each year.  Today, Derby Days also includes a Parade in downtown Redmond as well as outdoor concerts, kid’s activities, carnival rides and fireworks. It is generally held the second weekend in July.


    Below you will find a listing of articles and documentation about the history of Derby Days:

  • Stories About Places

    Stories About Places

    Redmond Schoolhouse built 1922

    The history of Redmond is, in part, the history of places that are long gone as well as the of history of places that have evolved over time. Below you will find a collection of articles and documentation that describe the changing land, buildings and other sights of our city and surrounding areas.

  • Other History
  • By The Decade

    For Redmond's Centennial in 2012, we created the Centennial Chronicle that showed the highlights from Redmond's history starting with the first settlers in the 1870's, up to today. Read how the town grew from a few homesteads in the woods, into one of the largest cities in King County. The timelines were created by our founder Naomi Hardy, and by Nokomis President Alexa Munoz. Below is a list of each issue of the Chronicle.


    Redmond incorporated as a city on December 31, 1912 when the birth of Ernest Alexander Adams brought the city’s population to 300, the number required by State law. The driving force behind incorporation was the ability to tax liquor sales – the funds of which were needed to finance a waterworks system.


    “Redmond was founded by true pioneers, men and women who came up the Sammamish River to a beautiful, yet untamed wilderness. We have been pioneering ever since – first logging and farming, now microchips and bio-engineering, while in the future we look towards a diverse economy with businesses thriving in both the downtown and Overlake.”

    Redmond Mayor John Marchione

  • Slough Races
  • Society News Archive

    As an active organization, we have our own on-going history.  Periodically, we are the subject of a local news story referencing, for example, an exhibit or our annual History Hero Awards.  Below you will find a list of articles and other documentation related to the past activities of the Redmond Historical Society and its members:

  • Centennial 1912 - 2012
  • Exhibits


    In keeping with our mission to share and celebrate Redmond's heritage, the Society prepares and maintains multiple displays throughout the city. These displays are in the hallway of the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, outside our office door, and just around the corner, or in the lobby of the Redmond Public Library, or the west windows at the Premuim Wine and Spirits (the old Bill Brown Garage). We also have two large photos of Redmond 100, and Redmond 50 years ago, in the lobby area of the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center. Below is a list of our current exhibits, and their location.

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