Our Founder, Naomi Hardy



Remembering Co-Founder Naomi "Nao" Hardy

No one had a bigger impact on the development of the Redmond Historical Society than co-founder Naomi Hardy. For more than a decade she worked tirelessly to document and share the history of Redmond with contributions like "Redmond Reflections" and our first Walking Tour brochure. Naomi passed away in January 2012 but her legacy is strong. A City of Redmond proclamation says it well:


She understood the value of preserving a community's heritage. She combined endless enthusiasm with a unique leadership style to give vision to the Redmond Historical Society. Her encyclopedic knowledge was an invaluable resource for the City of Redmond and staff, as well as the general public. Her legacy includes an incredible collection of documents and photos as well as bringing to light whole areas of Redmond history that would not have been remembered. The Redmond Historical Society and the City of Redmond owe Naomi Hardy our gratitude and remembrance.

The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower (pictured ) was dedicated May 2016, and was remodeled during the reconfiguration of Redmond Way during 2017. "The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower" was dedicated by Mayor John Marchione as a tribute to the founding force behind the Redmond Historical Society. Naomi Hardy was determined to research and share Redmond's history, gathering a few other local history buffs in 1999 and then seeing the Society flourish, growing to more than 140 members in just a decade.

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