Donate An Item

donate-itemThe Redmond Historical Society maintains a large and growing library of documents, and a limited collection of artifacts, from our history. We would like to increase our collection over time, and we are delighted to find any item that opens our eyes more clearly to the past. Although our storage space is extremely limited, we are always interested in any document or artifact that is closely identified with a person or place in Redmond's history, or that illustrates the art or technology used in Redmond's past. We welcome donations of documents, pictures, and smaller artifacts illustrating our history, providing we can care for them.


At present, we cannot accept large items of furniture or equipment, and we cannot accept items that are so fragile as to require environmentally controlled storage. We cannot accept items that are duplicates of artifacts already in our collection. When we receive a donation our first priority is to preserve it and make it available to the public now and in the future. We will never accept any article that we cannot care for properly.


If you have a historic document or artifact to donate, please call us. We will be happy to talk to you. If we can care for and keep your donation, we will accept it with pleasure. If not, we will try to help you find a good home for it.

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