The Redmond Historical Society is a membership organization operating under the Non-Profit Corporations Act in the state of Washington. Authorizing documents include:



The Redmond Historical Society is not among the City of Redmond's boards and commissions, nor a city department, but we do receive funding and in-kind support from the City and in turn, work closely with the City.


The affairs, policies and property of the corporation are managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Elected Officers and appointed Directors at Large.


The operation and management of the day-to-day affairs of the Society are under the control of the Executive Committee. The work of the Society is carried out by a number of standing committees assisted by staff.


Volunteers and staff are guided by our Long Range Strategic Plan and a set of Operating Policies and Procedures.


The Redmond Historical Society also participates in StEPs, a self-study standards program designed specifically for small- to mid-sized history organizations. Certifications include:



Our finances are public records and may be viewed at the office.

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