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Centennial Blue Ribbon Committee


Redmond incorporated as a city on December 31, 1912 when the birth of Ernest Alexander Adams brought the city’s population to 300, the number required by State law. The driving force behind incorporation was the ability to tax liquor sales – the funds of which were needed to finance a waterworks system.


“Redmond was founded by true pioneers, men and women who came up the Sammamish River to a beautiful, yet untamed wilderness. We have been pioneering ever since – first logging and farming, now microchips and bio-engineering, while in the future we look towards a diverse economy with businesses thriving in both the downtown and Overlake.”

Redmond Mayor John Marchione

Centennial Blue Ribbon Committee

Purpose: Help identify key areas of interest for the city’s Centennial celebrations



• Jason Van Nort, Government & Community Relations Manager, Puget Sound Energy

• Dan Angellar, General Manager, Marriott Redmond Town Center

• Kamal Siegel, owner of Digital Double and former Art Commissioner

• Chris Himes, President, Redmond Historical Society

• Miguel Llanos, Sr. Vice President, Redmond Historical Society

• Carla Johnson, Director of Communications, Media & Events, Redmond Chamber of Commerce

• Kathryn Reith, Communications Director, Lake Washington School District

• Sue Jarvis, co-owner,Redmond Cable

• Pat Pattabhiraman, Redmond Arts Commissioner

• Richard Cole, President, Redmond City Council

• Hank Margeson, Redmond City Councilmember

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