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Compiled by Alexa Munoz 2011

This list shows the source "citations" for each entry on the Centennial Timeline.


Broadie, Dianna, Planner, City of Redmond. “Timeline for Redmond.” Redmond, Washington

98052: Archives. Redmond Historical Society, Unpublished, 1998


Hardy, Naomi, Redmond Reflections: from settlers to software. Redmond, Washington 98052:

[First 10 pages are shown here Redmond Reflections online store ]

Redmond Historical Society, Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, 16600 NE

80th Street. Room 106, 2006.


Hardy, Naomi, “Timeline of Redmond History 1, 1848-1949.” Redmond, Washington 98052

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Hardy, Naomi, “Timeline of Redmond History II 1950-2006.” Redmond, Washington 98052:

Archives, Redmond Historical Society, Unpublished. 2006.


"Redmond Reporter" Archives, Redmond Regional Library, 15990 NE 85th Street, Redmond, Washington 98052


“Sammamish Valley News.” Archives. Redmond Regional Library, 15990 NE 85th Street,

Redmond, Washington 98052.


“Timeline of Redmond History 1871-1930.” Redmond. Washington 98052: Archives,

Redmond Historical Society, Unpublished, Undated.


“United States Census, Population of Redmond, Washington.” http://wikipedia.org Internet: 2011


“United States Census. Population of Redmond. Washington.” http://redmondpatch.com Internet:



Way, Nancy, ed. Our Town, Redmond. Salt Lake City. Utah: Publishers Press, Inc., 1989]

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Links to additional articles (on this website) about Redmond's Pioneer Days


Complete List of Scanned Obituaries: The list is an index of collected obituaries published in local newspapers. The source is listed (e.g. The Seattle Times), along with the publication date. Read More Searchable list


Obituary of Luke McRedmond from Irish Genealogy. Read More Luke McRedmond's Obituary 1898


Polk Directory 1911: Redmond: "A town and post office on Squak Slough and Snoqualmie branch N.P. Ry., 10 miles east of Seattle, county seat. Population: US Census 1910, 642; Directory estimate 1900, 738. A bank, 3 shingle mills and 2 hotels are located here. Sustains Congregational and M.E. churches. Express, Northern. Telegraph, W.U. Pac. And Ind. Tel. Cos. Mail daily." Read More Polk Directory 1911-1912


Brief History of Redmond: The first settlers in the Redmond area were Luke McRedmond (1820?-1898) and Warren Perrigo (1836-?). Arriving in the area in 1871, McRedmond took up a claim along the Sammamish River, while Perrigo took up land just east of him. Read More Brief History of Redmond



Interview with Dorothy Hanscom [Granddaughter of Luke McRemdond ] Read More   Recorded Interview Transcript


Naches Wagon Train 1853: Claire Raaum was our guest speaker at our November 2001 meeting. She took us back in time with her presentation entitled "1853 Naches Trail Expedition into Puget Sound." This is a popular program which Claire presents to schools, civic groups and historical societies through-out our area. She was dressed in period costume and has a slide show to accompany her talk. Read More Naches Wagon Train Members


Nokomis Club Women of Vision 1909-2009: Watch the City of Redmond video documenting the founding 100 years ago of the Nokomis service club and the unveiling on March 7, 2009, of artwork of some of its first members. In 1909, seven Redmond women met to form a book discussion group, and chose the name Nokomis Club for their literary circle. Read More Nokomis Club Centennial Celebration Redmond Public Library


Oregon Trail Living History One of the Society’s newest partners in sharing our heritage is Nature Vision, a non-profit started by former teachers that works with grade schools and students. Read More  Oregon Trail Living History


Redmond History   By Redmond Junior high Students At their new school on Education Hill March, 1960 Read More Redmond Junior High Report


Speakers Log Read More Redmond Historical Society General Meetings


Redmond Historical Society Newsletter Archive Read More Societies Speakers Log 1999 - 2009



Redmond Land Development (1890, 1936, 2000)


South View Read More Interactive Aerial Depiction South


East View Read More Interactive Aerial Depiction East


North View Read More   Interactive Aerial Depiction North

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